Trend report: cat-eye sunglasses

Olivia Palermo

Nothing is really “new” in fashion but every spring/summer season, there are a pair of sunglasses that seem to dominate in the accessories department. This year, it’s all about the cat-eye sunglasses! These fierce specs have a cool retro look which is the perfect accessory to add an interesting touch to your attire.

I love big bulky sunglasses and unfortunately, those are the only kind I can pull off but these, I am just so lucky to have found the perfect pair.

Here’s the pair I bought:

The UO South of 5th cat-eye sunglasses from Urban Outfitters are super chic and affordable.

Price: $16

Cat-eyes caught on the streets:

Miranda Kerr

Miley Cyrus

Gillian Zinser

The one thing that I love about these glasses is that it makes you look mysterious in a way. As if you are hiding something. As if there’s a story you have yet to tell. But that might be the case with all sunglasses.

I’m curious, what type of sunglasses do you wear?

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